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NYSUT Career Center

The NYSUT Career Center is now offering members the NYSUT Handbook for Laid-Off and Retrenched Employees.

A copy of this handbook can be obtained at the NYSUT Career Center or by calling the NTA Office.

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"Backpack Full of Cash" POSTPONED

The showing of "Backpack Full of Cash" scheduled on Saturday, May 19, 2018, has been postponed due to the City of Newburgh State of Emergency.


NTA Delegate Assembly Meeting Update!

NTA Delegate Assembly Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, May 23rd.

Upcoming Events in May

Event Location Date Time
BOE Meeting BOE May 22 7:00 PM
Head Delegate Meeting NTA May 23 4:30 PM
NTC Policy Board Meeting NTC May 24 4:30 PM


New - Pendulum April 2018

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AFT and NYSUT Delegate Election Results

The NTA Nominations and Elections Committee announces the results
of the Election for Delegates to the Representative Assemblies
(RAs) of NYSUT and AFT held on April 17, 2018.

NYSUT Delegates
Jillian Caci  John Eitel, Jr. Zoe Matthews
Jennifer Catalano Nick Karnavezos    Stacy Moran
Maryann Corbett Jennifer Laudiero Robin Phillips
Jennifer Costabile  Judy LeRoy Matthew Scully

AFT Delegates
Jillian Caci  John Eitel, Jr. Angela Nonnon
Jennifer Catalano Jennifer Laudiero Robin Phillips
Maryann Corbett Judy LeRoy Matthew Scully
Jennifer Costabile Claudine Malcolm Linda Vinti
  Stacy Moran  

Delegate Election Results

AFT Total Votes NYSUT Total Votes
Thea Bonne 205 Thea Bonne 156
Jillian Caci 364 Jillian Caci 342
Jennifer Catalano 303 Jennifer Catalano 269
Maryann Corbett 330 Maryann Corbett 288
Jennifer Costabile 314 Jennifer Costabile 276
John Eitel 572 John Eitel 566
Jennifer Laudiero 310 Nickolas Karnavezos 403
Judy LeRoy 412 Jennifer Laudiero 269
Claudine Malcolm 247 Judy LeRoy 391
Angela Nonnon 220 Claudine Malcolm 181
Robin Phillips 325 Zoe Matthews 289
Linda Vinti 292 Angela Nonnon 139
    Robin Phillips 298
    Linda Vinti 258

NTA Contract Ratification Celebration

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Ratification of MOA Results

The votes for the ratification of the MOA have been counted by the NTA Nominations/Elections Committee and certified by the NTA Board of Director.

The results are as follows:

1,163 16
98.64% 1.36%

December 2017 Pendulum

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NTA Family Movie Day Photos

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NTA Family Movie Day Photos

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CON CON Phone Banks

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NTA Leadership Conference

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October 2017 Pendulum

LAP Grant

Members of the NTA Local Action Project (LAP) Team, Vice President Matt Scully, President Stacy Moran, Labor Relations Specialist Angela Pace, Secretary Jillian Caci, Jennifer Laudiero, and Meagan McCann, attended a week long training session sponsored by NYSUT.  The focus for the team's action plan is increasing member engagement, engaging the community, strengthening political action, and expanding our communication.


3d Printing Files

Video by Newburgh TA #2867

4/10/18 Part 1

4/10/18 Part 2

3/20/18 Part 1

3/20/18 Part 2

3/20/18 Part 3

3/13/18 Part 1

3/13/18 Part 1

2/27/18 Part 1

2/27/18 Part 2








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NYSTRS Retirement Planning Seminars

Prepare for your Retirement

The New York State Teachers' Retirement System is offering free retirement planning seminars to help prepare members for retirement.

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