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NYSUT Career Center

The NYSUT Career Center is now offering members the NYSUT Handbook for Laid-Off and Retrenched Employees.

A copy of this handbook can be obtained at the NYSUT Career Center or by calling the NTA Office.

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The Complete List of 66 Teacher Discounts

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Upcoming Events For February/March





BOE Meeting BOE Feb. 9 7 PM
Meeting to discuss BOE Policy #5201 NTA Feb. 10 3:30 PM
ENL, ESL, Bi-lingual and Dual Language Program informational meeting with NYSUT Vice President, Catalina Fortino NTA Feb. 11 4:30 PM
Coffee Talk with Speech Pathologist Department NTA Feb. 18 4:30 PM
BOE Meeting BOE Feb. 23 7 PM
TA Chapter Executive Board NTA Feb. 23 7:30 AM
Delegate Assembly NTA Feb. 24 4:30 PM
NTC Policy Board Meeting SMH rm. 212 Feb. 25 4:30 PM
Dan Kinley, NYSUT Director of Policy and Program Development, will present to the NTA Delegates and Alternates the latest information about APPR, new Tenure regulations, Receivership, and answer any questions NTA February 29 4:30 - 5:30 PM
Substitute Chapter General Membership Meeting NTA March 2 4:30 PM


NTA Honors William G. Reilly Profile in Unionism Winner Ellen Hart

Click on the pic above to see slide show. 


HESC is pleased to announce that the GOYF Program Application is now available.

Apply now.

AFT Northeast Region Meeting of Local Presidents Conference

NTA President Stacy Moran and AFT President Randi Weingarten at the AFT Northeast Region Meeting of Local Presidents Conference.

NYS Teacher Retirement Delegates represent NTA

Paul J. Farfaglia, NYSTRS teacher member, discusses issues with NYSTRS Delegates Jillian Caci, Veronica Marin, and Matthew Scully at the Annual Meeting of NYSTRS which was held on  November 1st and 2nd in Saratoga Springs, NY.

NTA Leadership Confernce

NTA members came together on Saturday, November 14th to attend the 2015 NTA Leadership Conference.  Many topics were discussed including the Taylor Law, the grievance procedure, and being a building representative.  Participants worked together on hypotheticals and discussed various scenarios union nembers face with NTA President Stacy Moran and our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist, Angela Pace.

Making Strides for Breast Cancer 2015

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Welcome Back Bash 2015

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Who is Campbell Brown?

Harris vs Quinn

Op-Ed Contributors

The Supreme Court Ruling on Harris v. Quinn Is a Blow for Unions


Why the Supreme Court decision on Harris v. Quinn was a bigger loss for labor than people think.

NYSUT Offers DASA Training

Registration Information Below:

Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying,
and Discrimination in Schools:
Prevention and Intervention
6 Hour required DASA Training Program for Professionals

Political Action


NTA Members are encourage to visit NYSUT's


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5 Myths About Our Schools That Fall Apart When You Look Closer

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Political Action

Upcoming Events

Defensive Driving

Save $$


March 12 & May 21,

atNTA Office

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NYSTRS Retirement Planning Seminars

Prepare for your Retirement

The New York State Teachers' Retirement System is offering free retirement planning seminars to help prepare members for retirement.

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