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The NYSUT Career Center is now offering members the NYSUT Handbook for Laid-Off and Retrenched Employees.

A copy of this handbook can be obtained at the NYSUT Career Center or by calling the NTA Office.

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The NTA BOE Endorsements

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The NTA Delegate Assembly voted to endorse and support the NECSD budget and the following candidates for the BOE:

Joseph Minuta

Greg Phillips

Debra Zambito

We believe these fine candidates have a great deal of knowledge and experience to add to the BOE related to arhcitecture/construction, education, unions, and finance.

It is essential that all of our members vote in support of the budget as well as these fine candidates. We need a BOE ready for the challenges ahead and not afraid to speak up against the misguided policies of Albany. We need a BOE that is approachable and transparent. No more excuses.

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Click here for polling place 5/19



January 27, 2015

Fact Sheet on Opting-Out of State Tests


Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services


Parents and teachers share deep concerns about over-testing resulting from the state's botched implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). Concerns include: stress on students, appropriateness of tests, erosion of learning time and lack of state transparency on test content. Parents who decide it is not in their children's best interests to take these assessments are part of an "Opt-Out" movement that is growing nationally and in New York State. NYSUT fully supports parents' right to choose what is best for their children - including NYSUT members who decide as parents to opt their child out of state tests. In addition, NYSUT encourages members to exercise their rights as professionals to speak out against the harmful effects of high-stakes tests - and will vigorously defend members if a district brings disciplinary charges in that event.

The State Education Department (SED), which has a vested interest in ensuring students take the assessments, claims there is no provision in state law that allows students to "Opt-Out" and has provided little guidance to districts. Some school districts have provided parents with inaccurate information on the consequences of opting out.

This NYSUT Fact Sheet attempts to clear up the misinformation by reviewing the federal requirements for participation in the state assessments and potential consequences of opting-out for districts, students and teachers.

We have reached the 45 number and the Incentive is a Go!



Letter for those vested with Retiree Healthcare

Letter for those not vested with Retiree Healhcare

Sample letter of resignation for retirement






Rally for Public Education 3/2/15






Read the Notebook for election results and the challenges to the certification

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Fight for Public Education, our schools and our profession.




Help support our neighboring Valley Central Community. Sign the Petition urging UNFI to pay its local school taxes in full now, by clicking the link below! UNFI’s $18 Million in Tax Breaks Hurt Our Kids:    Natural Foods should not hurt children.  It is time for the largest producer of natural and organic foods to step up and pay its fair share of school taxes.  Do the right thing. 



Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 2014

Welcome Back Bash 2014

NYSUT Professional Development Opportunity

NYSUT Tarrytown offers Professional Development during the school year.

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Who is Campbell Brown?

Harris vs Quinn

Op-Ed Contributors

The Supreme Court Ruling on Harris v. Quinn Is a Blow for Unions


Why the Supreme Court decision on Harris v. Quinn was a bigger loss for labor than people think.

NYSUT Offers DASA Training

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Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying,
and Discrimination in Schools:
Prevention and Intervention
6 Hour required DASA Training Program for Professionals

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