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Questions? Problems? Now you can email the NTA Teaching Assistant Chapter at our new General Mailbox or click on any name below.

Executive Committee

Sheila M. Manning, Chairperson New Windsor School 563-3700
Debbie Petrilli, Recording Secretary New Windsor School 563-3700
Berenda Johnson, Member-at-Large Horizons 563-3725
Patricia Favata, Member-at-Large Vails Gate School 563-7900

2016-2017 Committees

NEAT Lisa Maier Meadow Hill 568-6600
Grievance Berenda Johnson Horizons 563-3725
Labor Management Sheila Manning New Windsor 563-3700
Negotiations Sheila Manning New Windsor 563-3700
  Pat Favata Vails Gate 563-7900
Nominations/Elections Gail Nichols Fostertown 568-6425
Scholarship Review Lisa Maier Meadow Hill 568-6600
  Gail Nichols Fostertown 568-6425
Sick Bank Patricia Favata Vails Gate School 563-7900
Special Events Patricia Favata Vails Gate School 563-7900
  Vicky Hans Vails Gate 563-7900
Teacher Center Policy Board Joni Mongelli   563-3725
  Lisa Tucker - ALT HOH
VOTE/COPE - Political Action Kim Blandings Balmville 563-8550

Building Representatives

Balmville Kim Blanding REP 563-8550
Fostertown Gail Nichols REP 568-6425
  Lauren Gentile ALT  
Gardnertown Joni Mongelli REP 568-6400
Gidney Avenue Angelica Alvarado REP 563-8450
Heritage     563-3750
Horizons Joann Knabbe ALT 563-3725
Meadow Hill Lisa Maier REP 568-6600
NFA Main Campus Laurie Lachioma CONTACT 563-5400
NFA North Campus Karen Cox CONTACT 563-8400
New Windsor Allison Greenbaum ALT 563-3700
Pre-K GAMS      
  Jean Stumpf ALT  
South Tracey Finch CONTACT 563-7000
Temple Hill Jan LaCapolla REP 568-6450
Vails Gate Vicky Hans REP 563-7900
  Stacy Sutter ALT