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The NYSUT Career Center is now offering members the NYSUT Handbook for Laid-Off and Retrenched Employees.

A copy of this handbook can be obtained at the NYSUT Career Center or by calling the NTA Office.

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2016-2017 NTA Committees

NTA Committee Descriptions 2016

APPR Jen Catalano Meadow Hill
  Andrea Merrill New Windsor
  Thea Bonne Horizons
  Jillian Caci NFA Main
  Stacy Moran NTA
  Robin Phillips Gardnertown
  Melissa Lamar Balmville
  Concetta Carbone South Middle
  Geoia Beyer Vails Gate
  Mike Olsen Heritage
  Josephine Giglia-Byrne Temple Hill
  Zoe Mathews Fostertown
  Emily Monahan GAMS
  Joanna Muller NFA North
Central Labor Council Matt Scully GAMS
  Karen Roberts New Windsor
Educational Issues Advocacy Goncalo Pinheiro SJH
  Claudine Malcolm GAMS
ER&D Local Site Coordinator Beverly Browne-Fazio GAMS
ER&D Local Site Coordinator Mentor John Eitel Retired
Grievance Beverly Browne Fazio GAMS
  Tess Cadden Meadow Hill
  Jeannette Logerfo BOE
  Rachel Martinez SUB
  Jeannette Logerto BOE
Health & Safety Judy LeRoy BOE
Negotiations Stacy Moran NTA
  Deborah Bouley NFA North
  Kenneth Moeller NFA Main
  Jen Laudiero Heritiage
  Brenda Fry-Underhill GAMS
  Matthew Scully GAMS
  Jillian Caci NFA Main
Labor Management Jillian Caci NFA Main
  Stacy Moran NTA
  Matthew Scully GAMS
Nominations/Elections Michelle Bowe New Windsor
  Sue Warren Meadow Hill
  Jason Michalek GAMS
  Karen Roberts New Windsor
Publications/Social Media Editor Jenna Lampack Meadow Hill
Pendulum Layout/Cartoonist Jeff Gebhardt NFA Main
Pendulum Editor Darrell Kuhn NFA Main
Pendulum Reporter Matt Barbero Heritage
Web Master John Eitel Retired
SAVE Bevery Browne-Fazio GAMS
  Maryann Corbett Balmville
  Kathy Wingfield Temple Hill
  Stacy Moran NTA
Scholarship Review Jackie Borgia Retired
Sick Bank Eileen DiLeo Fostertown
Special Events Jennifer Laudiero Heritage
Substitute Chapter Rachel Martinez Substitute
Teacher Center Joni Mongelli TA
  Robin Jowell NFA Main
  Joanna Muller NFA North
  Ellen Hart (Chair) Balmville
  Patricia Cloherty NFA North
  Jodi Connolly GAMS
  Megan McCann Meadow Hill
  Melanie Larkin NFA Main
  Roberta Morrow NFA North
  Laura DePace Meadow Hill  
  Lena Puma Heritage
  Marisol Riverol New Windsow
Technology Nelson Colon Retired
  Matt Scully GAMS
  Nick Karnavezos Fostertown
Videographer Carol Johnson-Cromer Temple Hill
  Matthew Barbero Heritage
NTA Build/Maint. Oversight Committee Chris Cotton NFA North
  Frank Wolf Retired
Sabbatical TBD